Press Release-New York International FC’s Inaugural Annual 5k Race for Davide Giri Wraps Up


Press Release

September 23, 2022

New York International FC’s Inaugural Annual 5k Race for Davide Giri Wraps Up

New York, NY—September 23, 2022—New York International FC vice president Gary Philpott and director of community outreach Nicholas Alexandrakos presented a check for $7,228 to Professor Luca Carloni, of Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science, to contribute to the department’s Davide Giri Memorial Prize. Giri, a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia supervised by Carloni and a player for New York International, was killed in December 2021 on his way home from training, just steps away from his home. The Memorial Prize was set up to honor and celebrate his legacy.

Giri was “a model player,” said Philpott, adding, he was a mentor for younger players on the team. “Davide was also a brilliant, generous individual—someone who went out of his way to support his teammates and the club. As his brother told me shortly after his death, ‘Live for Davide, Win for Davide.’ That’s become a motto for the club, something we always remember and appreciate.”

Alexandrakos noted: “Personally delivering a check to Columbia is a proud moment for the club. It represents hundreds of hours of work by hundreds of people. After the success of the first 5k for Davide race (in partnership with FitClub NY), in which we had 163 registrants, we felt it was important to continue honoring Davide.” “We will continue to celebrate and honor Davide, and we are already planning the 2023 iteration of the 5k, as well as other events.”

Established in 2022, the Davide Memorial Prize is awarded annually to a graduate student in Computer Science who has combined excellence in research results with continued outstanding efforts to promote research collaboration.  The prize was established in memory of Giri (PhD ’22), who promoted research collaboration in an exemplary way as part of his doctoral studies while excelling as a researcher. Its inaugural winners were Giannis Karamanolakis and Ana Stoica.

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